CEAT vereint viele Vorteile und macht sie für seine Anwender nutzbar.

Grasdorf GmbH GmbH
7 years manufacturer warranty
CEAT Specialty gewährleistet 7 Jahre Garantie auf den Großteil seiner Reifen!
100% Grasdorf Support
Grasdorf supports you with all questions and concerns regarding your set of CEAT tyres.
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Grasdorf GmbH GmbH

Enthusiastic customers

CEAT production standards not only lead to ISO certifications such as 9001 or 14001, they also guarantee the highest level of quality. Every tyre undergoes several quality controls. The confidence in its manufacturing standards and products is reflected in the quality promise of the manufacturer: 7 years warranty speaks for himself. Customer satisfaction is correspondingly high.

Technologically ahead

More traction, load capacity, driving comfort and increased contact patch. CEAT tyres combine several advantages for their users. For example, the tyres can be operated with 0.8 bar, which coupled with the extremely flexible sidewall leads to an increase in the contact area for more traction and soil-protecting driving. This increases productivity and reduces costs.

Practical application

Every tyre must prove itself in practical use before we release it to our customers. Grasdorf maintains contact with agricultural businesses and contractors in order to better understand the requirements placed on tyres and wheels and to be able to process these in the products.

International Standards

Established in Original Equipment
Ceat supplies tyres to major agricultural machinery manufacturers and thus offers customers added value from the outset.
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ISO 9001 certified

CEAT produces according to current ISO standards and thus fulfils maximum requirements on product and environment.

5S Production

CEAT works according to the globally recognized 5S production standard, which is also used in the automotive industry.

130 countries

CEAT supplies 130 countries worldwide in all product categories from cars to trucks to commercial vehicles.

Grasdorf GmbH GmbH


Technologically ahead

The CTR technology offers the customer soil-protecting access as well as maximum traction.


Grasdorf GmbH GmbH


R90 / R85 / R80 / R70 / R65

Farmax RC

Hervorragener Lastenträger

Spraymax VF

Speziell für selbstfahrende Sprühgeräte

Torquemax IF / VF

Radialreifen für Hochleistungstraktoren

Farmax HPT

Speziell für High-Speed Traktoren

Farmax R1

Diagonal Agrar-Traktorreifen


Speziell für Ernteanwendungen wie Mähdrescher, Feldhäcksler

Floatmax FT

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Flotation T422

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Flotation TX440

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Floatmax RT

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Farmax F2M

Für Fahrzeuge mit hoher Traktion

T422 Value Pro

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Farm Implement 404

Für den Einsatz an Anhängern empfohlen

Farm Implement AWI305

Lift Pro

z.B. für Bagger, Traktor, Teleskoplader

Loader XL

z.B. für Baustellenfahrzeuge, Feuerwehr- und Rettungsfahrzeuge, Kräne

MPT 602

Fester Halt bei allen Wetter- und Einsatzbedingungen

C305 R3

Für den Einsatz an Straßenwalzen empfohlen

Load Pro

Für Teleskoplader empfohlen

MPT 503

z.B. für Lader, Betonmischer, Bagger

MPT 800

Fester Halt bei allen Wetter- und Einsatzbedingungen

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* The Deming Prize is an annually awarded and globally recognized prize for companies that permanently improve their performance through cross-company quality controls and guarantee a maximum quality standard. It has been awarded since the 1950s in memory of William Edwards Deming, whose teachings set the course for improving quality standards and increasing productivity.